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Special Event/Project Permit Procedure

Any University representatives or authorized agents who intend to have any of the hereafter special events or projects on campus need to comply with 105 Permit Section of the International Fire Code (IFC). The IFC adopted by Utah State as Statute authorizes the Authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ) who is the campus Fire Marshal for review, inspection, and interpretation of the UT permit process. Other University departments and governing agencies might also need to review and give approval. This permit process is being implemented for safety compliance and to lower or remove risks to the University. This document sets forth a clear expectation and develops an effective and efficient process. Please allow for a minimum of two weeks prior to the event/project for review and response of the attached permit document.

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105.1.2 Operation Permit:

An operation permit allows the applicant to conduct an operation or business for which the permit is required by Section 105.6.

1.1 A prescribed period

1.2 Until renewed or revoked

The following are permit required (not all inclusive):

Fireworks, special effects or theatrics, flame effects, pyrotechnics, hazardous material use, compressed gas cylinder use, confined space or trench operations, temporary structures or large enclosed tents, large capacity and/or public events that present an unusual life safety or fire hazard, examples (scare houses, carnivals, fairs, exhibits, trade shows, and concerts).

105.1.3 Construction Permit:

A construction permit allows the applicant to install or modify systems and equipment for which a permit is required by Section 105.7.

The following are permit required (not all inclusive):

The design, construction, maintenance, service interruption and testing of fire alarm, suppression, and fire department operations systems. The review of new and alterations of current construction.

Theatrical Fog/Haze Machines

Any machine that creates theatrical fog/haze for theatrical performances shall be inspected and approved by the Fire Marshal’s office prior to any performance/use.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Josh Thayn

Executive Director (Fire Marshal)

Email: Josh.Thayn@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7855

Don Christensen

Fire & Life Safety Offcier (Deputy Fire Marshal)

Email: don.christensen@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7722