Utah Tech University


Tips to help UT Fire Marshal’s office meet fire and life safety code in buildings:
  • Properly store combustible materials.
  • Boiler, mechanical, and electrical equipment rooms are kept free from and combustible materials
  • No storage above 18” in a building that is sprinkled and 24” in a non-sprinkled building.
  • Clear area in front of fire extinguishers, electrical panels, fire alarm panels and all exits.
  • Dumpsters are not within 5 feet of combustible wall openings or under eave lines.
  • Keep fire rated doors from being wedged open.
  • No storage in stairwells and egress areas.
  • Keep the occupancy load in rooms to fire code.
  • Contact Fire Marshal’s office before any event that requires inspection.
  • No candles, candle warmers, scented plug in devices in state owned buildings.
  • Live Christmas trees are prohibited in campus buildings.
  • Do not overload circuits or use extension cords as permanent wiring.
  • Do not park in fire lanes or fire apparatus approved roadways.
  • Know emergency procedures and comply with them
  • Keep office and building space clean and free of combustibles.